International Child Abduction Lawyers

Love is blind and knows no bounds, and certainly not in the present globalisation of society.

Inevitably, there is a downside to the increased numbers of international relationships and marriages; a growing number of relationships ends in international divorce. In such a conflict situation one of the parents may:

  • decide to remove the child from its habitual residence to another country, or
  • decide to retain the child in another country without the other parent’s consent, whereas the other parent is (also) entitled to determine the child’s residence;
  •  (systematically) refuse to cooperate in international contact arrangements between the child an the other parent; or
  •  refuse to give permission to relocate to the other parent who has custody and wants to return to his/her native country with the child after the divorce.

Resolving these transnational issues requires transborder cooperation and expertise.

The Dutch Association of International Child Abduction Lawyers (abbreviated as D.I.A.L.) consists of independent lawyers who are specialised in international child abduction, international care and parental contact arrangements and relocation cases.

Why seek the advice of a D.I.A.L. lawyer?

  • The Dutch Association of International Child Abduction Lawyers is a member of LEPCA, a platform of specialised international child abduction lawyers within the European Union.
  • The lawyers have a worldwide network of connections and partnerships with lawyers and other specialists within and outside of Europe to adequately solve often complex child abduction cases, international care and parental contact arrangements cases, and relocation cases.
  • The lawyers have up to date knowledge of, inter alia, the Hague Child Abduction Convention, the European Convention on Child Abduction, the International Child Abduction (Implementation) Act, the Brussels II bis Regulation, the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Hague Child Protection Convention 1961 and the Protocol on Cooperation in the Enforcement of Return Decisions in International Child Abduction Cases.
  • D.I.A.L. lawyers keep their knowledge up to date by annual further training and intervision.
  • D.I.A.L. lawyers know the chain partners in their own country, such as the Central Authority, the International Child Abduction Centre, the Dutch Border Police, the police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Child Care and Protection Board, Youth Care etc.

Parents who are faced with (imminent) international child abduction, parents who cannot get in touch with their child and who whish to establish an international care and contact arrangement, but also parents with a child from an international relationship who seek relocation advice will find D.I.A.L. lawyers are best suited to the job.

D.I.A.L. lawyers provide parents with advice, guidance and information in cross border mediation to establish international care and contact arrangements, or in coming to an arrangement on the child’s place of residence, but also in court proceedings aimed at restoring the status quo and obtaining a court decision about the child in the country the child resided in before the abduction took place, or establishing international contact arrangements, or obtaining consent in lieu from the court allowing the parent to return to the country of origin together with the child.

Your child is at the centre of this. His or her well being knows no bounds.